About Us

Some years ago, I ran across some words of Ann Weems.  I'd like to share a few of her words with you:


 "I celebrate the church of Jesus Christ, where two or three or thousands can gather in the Lord's name.  And touch this world with the amazing good news that somebody cares, that God joins us in community so that someday this world will be loved to wholeness.     

I celebrate this community, where the people say YES in the face of NO,  where they light candles in the darkest night, where healing and compassion leave no time for self-righteousness, and the life sustaining love of Christ is evident in the life of believers.  

I celebrate the church, where we dare stand up, where risk runs rampart, and you and I and all Christ's disciples are called upon to follow even when it costs us something...

I celebrate the church, where we are called from half-heartedness to commitment.  Commitment to a God who calls us to change our direction, to be reborn to a way of life where others are significant."   (Reaching for Rainbows", Ann Weems)



     I read her words and it hit me.  She's describing Second Reformed United Church of Christ!  And I united my voice with hers as I celebrate the church - especially Second Reformed UCC.

I celebrate Second Church - and the vision of The Reverend Doctor Jacob Leonard to build a new church in East Lexington.

I celebrate Second Church - I lift up the tenacity and energy of our founding fathers and mothers.  Even now we stand upon their shoulders.

I celebrate Second Church - where every child of God is hailed as unique and valuable.  

I celebrate Second Church  - where the tired, disillusioned world is invited in and surprised by the words, "God loves You!"

I celebrate Second Church - that sent nine of its young men and women into full ministry:  The Rev. Dr. G. Melvin Palmer, The Rev. Dr. Billy Joe Leonard, The Rev. Don Leonard, The Rev. Rex Dobey. The Rev. Robert Disher, Jr., The Rev. Richard Kirk, The Rev. Eric Disher, The Rev. Clara Benson, and the Rev. Maria Yokum.

I celebrate Second Church - whose supportive community holds us when we're tempted to give up, enfolds us when we're hurting, affirms us, reaches out to us, gives to us, receives from us.

(The preceding was written by the late Rev. Jerry Moore, who served our church for over 10 years,  for our 100th anniversary album printed in 2004. Jerry passed away on Tuesday, August 22, 2017)

Our Team

Jim Luck

 Trained as a congregational consultant, conflict resolution facilitator, & pastoral counselor, Jim has used his skills throughout the Southern Conference as a Ministry Specialist. He has been with us since 2015 and loves fishing, cooking, trying new wines, singing with Bruce Springsteen, and cheering for the Chicago Cubs.

Karen Holder

As our administrative assistant, Karen is the one who keeps John and Jim organized and the rest of the church running smoothly.  A lifelong member of Second Church, Karen has taught Sunday School, served as an usher for 15+ years,  She also sings in the choir and serves on our Christian Education committee. She served on the Consistory and does all our crafts for VBS, etc. and does all our bulletin boards.  

Laura Brock

Is our very talented organist who has helped our choirs find and improve their sound. She teaches at Mineral Springs Elementary in Winston-Salem. She loves cooking, working with children and helps direct our children's choir.

John Brock

John is our talented choir director and pianist who guides our two choirs and has taken our kids choir to the heights they are at today. John teaches music at St. Leo's Catholic school. in Winston-Salem.  He lives in Lexington with his wife, Laura.

Brad Greene

Brad has served as treasurer for several years. He has served several terms on our Consistory, sang in our Senior Choir as well as serving on several committees.  Brad is active in the Arcadia/North Davidson community and devoted to his church and his family.  He is the controller for APL Logistics and travels frequently for work.  

linda putnam

Linda is serving as consistory president. She  has been a devoted member of the church. She has served as both a deacon and elder on the Consistory. She also sings in our Senior Choir and is in the nursery during Sunday School each week.  Linda loves antiques as well as crafting.  She and husband, Curtis, serve Meals on Wheels and are both vey active in the church.

New Here?

Service Times

:Sunday School

starting at 9:45 am



starting at 11:00 am


330 North Church Street

Lexington NC 27292


We offer multiple ministries so that you can find one that you feel most comfortable in. Please check out the groups below and feel free to come join us!

Young at Heart

Our Young at Heart group meets the third Wednesday each month except in July and August.  A good meal will be served as well as fellowship. A program will also be provided. We would love it if you would join us for this time of fellowship.

Children's Ministry

We invite your childern to join in with the many fun activities at our church for your young person. They will learn more about Jesus as well as fellowship.  We now have a Children's Corner in the sanctuary for the kids to quietly read, draw or color while being a part of the morning worship.  We even have a rocking chair for moms if they need to rock the little ones.  

Men's Fellowship

Men's Ministry is a ministry dedicated for the fellowship of men. We truly believe that iron sharpens iron. We would love for you to visit us at our monthly meetings and see what it is all about. Enjoy a homemade meal and worship with our Gang.  This Men's Fellowship meets the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 in the Fellowship Hall with a meal and lots of fellowship!